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Visiting us at Hoffman Farms Store will be slightly different this year due to the continuing pandemic circumstances we are experiencing; however, we are confident that our customers can safely visit our farm while practicing social distancing.

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Hoffman Farms Store values the health and safety of each person who encounters our family farm and we have continued to adjust our response to the pandemic and regulations as they have evolved over time.


The CDC’s latest recommendations are that masks are still required for folks who are not yet vaccinated. At Hoffman Farms Store, we trust that our customers and our employees will wear a mask if those recommendations apply to them.


We will not be requiring proof of vaccination or policing mask wearing. Our farm is large and our farm store is open air. We leave it up to our staff members individually as well as the guests who visit our farm to make the call for themselves.

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General Farm Covid Response

Our family has implemented new systems to encourage social distancing as well as to eliminate touch surfaces on our farm. Here are a few of the changes to our General Farm Protocol that we have put into place for this season:

  • We sanitize our scales, PIN pads, and countertops in between customers.

  • We have a sanitizer station available for spraying down our farm wagons prior to use. Families are encouraged to bring their own wagon, cart, or stroller if they wish to use them.

  • Our Farm Store Area is open air we have implemented a one-way path through the displays to the register.

  • We have installed a no-touch takeout window from our farm kitchen for milkshakes, shortcakes, and other food items

  • Our picnic tables are all spaced at least 6 ft apart and we sanitize them between each use as well as providing self-serve sanitizing stations

  • We are unable to host birthday parties or field trips at this time


In order to help us keep our farm safe for all, here is what we are asking of our customers:

  • According to current guidelines, we are asking visitors to our farm to wear masks when 6ft  social distancing is not possible, such as in our farm market area.

  • Customers are asked to wash their hands prior to entering our Fields and asked to refrain from eating or drinking while in our fields.

  • While on our farm, we ask that you be mindful of others' personal space and maintain a 6ft perimeter as much as possible - especially while picking in the field. Parents, please keep a close eye on your children.

  • We will do everything we can to make sure that you have a positive experience on our farm and that our lines move smoothly, however, due to the extra steps our staff must take to ensure everyone's safety, our activity and register lines may be slightly longer. We appreciate your grace and patience as we strive to uphold high cleanliness and safety procedures.

We will continue to monitor the news as well as learn from experience as we enter this uncharted territory. These policies are subject to change without notice at any point in time, although we will do our best to keep you as informed as possible via this newsletter as well as our social media channels.

We sincerely appreciate your flexibility and support. We will get through this crazy time as long as we work together to keep each other safe. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email us at

For more information regarding our general farm policies and practices,
check out our Frequently Asked Questions

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