Jay and Kelly Hoffman have been farming in Scholls for over 35 years. What began as a humble potato growing and packing operation and a dream has grown to include three generations of family working together to grow a variety of commodities including Berries, Grass Seed and Cereal Grains (but no longer potatoes!).

Today, our family works together to oversee several diverse but complementary companies within the realm of our family farm. In addition to Hoffman Farms Store, we run Tualatin Valley Blueberries, an on-farm commercial blueberry packing facility, an on-farm bakery we call The Bakery at Hoffman Farms Store, a wedding and event space The Butler Barn LLC, a 98-acre wetland restoration and mitigation bank called Butler Wetlands and also Tualatin Valley Straw Products, where we produce and sell erosion control devices called wattles.

We began Hoffman Farms Store while the Hoffman kids were still young – Mom and Dad dreamed of building a legacy in the Scholls Community where other families could step into the world of our family farm and enjoy the fruits of our collective labor. The Hoffman children, Melissa, Korina, and Jayson – and many of our friends and family members – have worked at the store over the years through its various iterations and today, all three of them are actively involved in the farm as a whole and are deeply committed to the success of our farm and the preservation of our family legacy. 

Our family originally operated Hoffman Farms Store on the old Lolich property here in Scholls, where we got our proverbial feet wet and learned what it took to run a family farm store together. We were absolutely thrilled when after almost a decade, Hoffman Farms Store found her forever home and we moved our business down the road to the historic Butler/Flint Century Farm in 2009. We couldn’t have found a better fit for our farm and for our family. We had been farming the property for decades and felt honored that Marybel Butler trusted our family to honor her grandfather’s legacy by selling the property to us. Our family cherishes this property and is blessed to live and do business on such a scenic piece of local history.

It is our family’s deepest desire to share quality farm-fresh produce with you and your family, which is why we invest so much time and effort into Hoffman Farms Store. We work to curate a space where you and your children can enjoy an authentic farm experience and create memories together.



Conduct ourselves in a manner that is trustworthy and ethical, using sustainable practices that foster a legacy within our community.




Provide a consistent and authentic opportunity to interact with agriculture to all who visit our farm.



Continue our reputation for producing the highest quality berries and other crops that are produced safely and responsibly.

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